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Location & Operation

BH & H Agriculture (Zambia) Limited are based in Lusaka Zambia, with offices in Blythedale Beach, Stanger, South Africa. Our Zambian projects enjoy the benefit of an impressive team with Strategic Partners specialising in the design, implementation and management of primary farming, agri-processing projects, as well as Hybrid Vegetable and Herb seed research, development, supply and distribution. Our services extend to various African countries in the Sub Sahara Region but more specifically in Zambia & South Africa.
BH & H Agriculture undertakes projects in all Rural and Semi Urban areas. Our careful assessment of the environment accessibility and infrastructure of each project ensures that our projects are executed in the most time and cost efficient and effective manner. Our aim is to set up Agrihubs in all regions with farmer development initiative programs aimed at providing essentials through a wide range of practical and theoretical training facilities in all regions. We are committed to employing and applying skilled knowledge to help meet economic, environmental & Social challenges. Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, we help people develop their skills by applying our knowledge, insight and experience. We are committed to feeding the communities in a responsible way, reducing impact on the environment and improving lives of the communities in which we live and work. Our company and its employees take pride in their workmanship and are committed to enforcing the company’s core values and principles.